I’m a New Zealander who now lives in Melbourne, Australia with my husband and three children.  Since the beginning of 2011, I have worked part time as a teacher aide at a local primary school, an occupation that has become my third biggest passion behind my familyprofile lomo art 1 and writing. And then there are the dogs; the whole family pitches in to foster stray and surrendered dogs until we can find them new, permanent homes.

You might find the occasional recipe,  cute little story about my kids (biological and ‘adopted’ students) or dogs, or highly opinionated piece ranting about something or other I’ve read on the Net.  But this blog is mostly about the writing.

I’m a short story writer who has lofty ambitions to write novels.  Occasionally I flirt with literary and mainstream fiction, and once or twice my work has been described as “interstitial”, but my true love is speculative fiction.

My first short story was published in 2004, and since then my work has been published or is forthcoming in over 80 print and electronic publications.  In 2008 I won the Sir Julius Vogel Award for Best New Talent. A few of my stories have been shortlisted here and there for other national awards (i.e. Aurealis Awards, Shadows Awards).

I’m also an associate editor for Dark Moon Digest and  was the vice-president of Dark Continents Publishing during its four years of existence.

And I love hosting guest posts.  If you’re a writer or genre fan or anybody else who has something to say and thinks this would be a good place to say it, then email me at traciemcbride@hotmail.com.


  1. chithankalai says:

    I happened to see your comment in ‘iambeggingmymothernottoreadthisblog’. Looking forward to read more of your penning. Regards

  2. ladysoket says:

    I like horror as well. I mainly write dark fantasy and erotica though. I look forward to reading more of your blog.

  3. ALAN NAYES says:

    hi tracie, i saw your comment on fb in kindle horror books. i have a new release from samhain publishing, GIRL BLUE, coming out 4/3. if you have any writer interview spots, i would be happy to participate. thx. alan nayes

  4. David AET says:

    Ms. McBride,
    I am also an associate editor at Dark Moon, I live over in Southern California.
    I Was reading ‘Barking’ from issue #2 in the digest and I would love to do an author interview with you for the Last Writes Dark Moon digest blog. Please contact me I have some interview questions and such to send your way.

    Best Regards,

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