A Few Friends

Writers.  Check ’em out.

* * * * *

Annette Bowman

Marcus Marcus & the Hurting Heart – Commissioned by the 2011 Múscailt Arts Festival,’Marcus Marcus and the Hurting Heart’ is an ongoing dark thriller set in the distant future. The blog is also the Go To spot for news of Scottish writer, poet, storyteller and playwright Rab Swannock Fulton.

The Stars Are Not Made of Fire – the weird thoughts, wild ramblings, odd observations, struggles, and successes of Annette Bowman as she pursues a creative life as a writer and artist.

The Peculiar Life of a Writer -Advice, experience, ideas, and helpful suggestions from  award-nominated author Billie Sue Mosiman.

even blackbirds must die – Australian writer Kirstyn McDermott.

Kirstyn McDermott

The Singularity Sucks – “The 21st century doesn’t live up to the promises made when I sold my soul to SF back in the 70’s, and I want my money back.”  So says science fiction author Colum Paget.

Horror writer Armand Rosamilia.

D. Thomas Minton

Ebon Shores – David McDonald’s Views from the Outside.

Science fiction and fantasy writer D. Thomas Minton.

Lamellae – E. Markham on writing, writers and creativity.

Ellen Gregory – to beyond and back.

Jason Nahrung

Vampires in the Sunburnt Country – the website of writer Jason Nahrung.

The Other Dark Meat – South African horror writer Joe Mynhardt.

Lori Lopez‘s Poetic Reflections.

The Cerebral Writer – from the beautiful and horrific depths of Leigh M. Lane‘s mind’s eye…to yours.

Leigh M. Lane

Tangentrine – for the works of Manda Benson.

Chrysalis – the journal of Nancy Fulda.

Australian speculative fiction writer Natalie JE Potts

Ran Cartwright

R G Porter – author of Fantasy, Paranormal and Horror novels.

Otherworldly – Ran Cartwright‘s nether worlds of fantasy, science fiction, & horror.

Robert S. Wilson, author of Shining in Crimson and The Quiet.

Ruth Barrett‘s Spirited Words.

Ruth Barrett

Terry Kidd‘s Empires of the Mind.

William Cook – Writer. (And artist.  And fellow Kiwi).

Lori Michelle says, “I am a nineteenth century ghost trapped in the year 2012 and am being forced to attend college by my ruthless ghoul father, Stu.”

The Writing Is On The Coffee Cup – the website of Namibian writer Pierre Mare.

Horror writer Christine Sutton‘s Inner Darkness.


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