New release: A Mythos Grimmly

Posted: November 8, 2015 in Shameless self-promotion
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Here’s a new anthology to add to your collection! A Mythos Grimmly, which contains my short story “The Witch’s Library.” To be honest, this anthology has been out for nearly a month now, so it’s not so much a new release as a new-ish release. Initial sales have been strong enough to keep it in the top 100 bestselling horror anthology e-books on Amazon until recently, hence my delayed addition to the promotional efforts.

As the title suggests and the blurb makes explicit, the stories in this book are mash-ups of fairy tales and the Lovecraftian mythos. Kudos goes to the editors and compilers of this anthology, because the stories they’ve selected reflect the theme with impressive diversity. Some are derived from the titular Grimms’ fairy tales. Others are inspired by non-European myths and tales. Some feature Lovecraftian settings, characters and monsters. Others have infused traditional stories with Lovecraftian themes.

For my contribution, I’ve chosen Hansel and Gretel. Out of all Grimm’s tales, this one holds a special interest for me (see also my novelette “The Harvesters” – stay tuned for a re-release of this story), probably because it’s not about passive princesses and feminine beauty, but the much less celebrated bond of sibling love. I’ve subverted the traditional happy-ever-after ending with more Lovecraftian ideas of insanity, forbidden knowledge and the unknown, and cast it all in a steampunky setting (just because I could).

You can purchase A Mythos Grimmly in e-book, paperback or hardback here: A Mythos Grimmly on Amazon

  1. These fine people – A Mythos Grimmly was their first publication.

  2. S.L. Schmitz says:

    Looks good! Who is the publisher?

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