Well, this is a little weird…

Posted: January 26, 2015 in Random silliness
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Came across this little game in a group on Facebook today – write your first name and “.com” in the comments, hit “return”, and see what comes up.   I was, of course, curious, so I did as instructed, only wrote “tracie.com” in the address bar in a new tab in my browser instead (I made the mistake of commenting on a similar post in the same group and forgetting to turn off notifications. 1,000 emails later…).

I was expecting to get one of those invitations to register a domain name. What I got was this: www.tracie.com –  a single page, black text on blue background, the text consisting of a six-sentence quotation from “A Christmas Carol”.

A quotation about ghosts.

And that is all. No images, no links, no other pages, no clues as to who created the page or why. The quotation is ridiculously, eerily apt given the common themes and content of my fiction. It’s almost as if a mysterious someone made it just for me to stumble across one day…

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