I’m beyond excited to announce that Disquiet is out now from Creativia Publishing. Disquiet is an anthology of poetry and fiction from Australian and New Zealand authors. As the title suggests, a common thread weaves its way through these stories and poems – a dark, discomforting, unsettling thread.

Disquiet contains two of my short stories, “Riding the Storm” and “The Truth About Dolphins”. The first, set in rural Australia, is a story about secrets and lust and elemental forces given human form. The setting for the second is based on my old hometown in New Zealand; it may appear at first to be a revenge tale, but there’s a lot more going on beneath the surface (literally and figuratively) if you are brave enough to look.

This anthology also has me listed on the front cover as co-editor alongside fellow Kiwi writer John Irvine, although I don’t think the title of “editor” entirely encapsulates the way this book came into being; it started off as a joint project of just John’s and my work, a collection of stories and poems set in the Antipodes, then we included a third author, then he suggested a fourth, then somehow it metamorphosed into an anthology involving 17 authors. So what would that make John and I – compilers? Overseers? Conspirators?

The paperback of Disquiet is available from online book retailers (or feel free to jot down the ISBN and go pester your local bookstore to order a copy), with the ebook due out from Amazon any day now.


  1. johnlmalone says:

    I hope it sells well. I’ve got two stories in there 🙂

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