A new home for Ghosts Can Bleed

Posted: September 18, 2014 in Shameless self-promotion
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Followers of my blog (and my life in general) will know that Dark Continents Publishing shut up shop last month. With the company’s closure, my first (and so far only) single author collection Ghosts Can Bleed was withdrawn from sale.

But I have exciting news in Tracieland – Ghosts Can Bleed will live again, thanks to Miika Hannila and his team at Creativia.

Creativia is a European independent press that has a similar ethos to Dark Continents. They’re small (but growing fast) and agile, they love speculative fiction, and they like their authors to retain control of their work and their careers. Although the ink is barely dry on the (simple and transparent) contract, I have a feeling I’m going to fit right in.

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to fellow Kiwi author and close-friend-I’ve-never-met, John Irvine (I’ve promised him duty free rum on my next visit to New Zealand). Creativia is publishing Disquiet, an anthology of fiction and poetry by New Zealand and Australian authors co-edited by John and me (but more on that in a later post). They also publish two of John’s works, Blood Curry and Anomalous Appetites, the latter being a dark speculative fiction poetry anthology that has achieved great things on Amazon’s bestseller list under Creativia’s assured promotional hand. John introduced Miika and me and put in a good word for me…and now, here we are!

GhostscanBleed cover smashwords

  1. cooldragon says:

    You deserve to be out there, Tracie. You are a wonderful story-teller. I have read Ghosts Can Bleed three times now!!! Rock n roll, girl!!!

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