R.I.P. Dark Continents Publishing, Inc. 2010 – 2014

Posted: August 10, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Breaking news in Tracieland – the president of Dark Continents Publishing, Inc., David Youngquist, announced the company’s closure.

This is news to the world at large, but company members have been quietly nursing the company through the final stages of a terminal illness for a few weeks now – attending to legal requirements, releasing authors of their contracts, helping them where possible to find new homes for their books, and closing various accounts. We’ve been determined to follow the company principles of being author-driven and looking after our “family” right to the end, and judging by the heartfelt commiserations and good wishes for our personal futures, we’ve done that part right if nothing else.

The reason for the closure is devastatingly simple – we weren’t making enough money to meet our obligations and commitments. The remaining three founders of the company – David, Sylvia and me – had been propping it up for quite some time out of our own pockets, and we’d got to the stage where we were reaching into those pockets and coming back out with nothing but lint.

I do not grieve for the company, but rather remember it with everlasting fondness. I got far more out of my involvement than I ever put in (which was considerable). DCP led me to make my first trip to the United States for the company’s official launch at WHC 2011 in Austin, Texas. The company published my first short story collection, Ghosts Can Bleed, and I even got to autograph and sell copies of it. It’s led me to develop skills and acquire knowledge that I might never have been pushed to do. Through DCP, I have met dozens of awesome, creative individuals and formed friendships that are destined to last a lifetime.

Rest in Peace, DCP.




  1. Thanks! I feel pretty good about it, all things considered.

  2. ajponder says:

    Commiserations, but most of all congratulations, what you guys were doing was amazing.

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