New Release: Lost in the Museum

Posted: June 9, 2014 in Shameless self-promotion
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Lost in the Museum has actually been out for a few months now; it launched at the Conclave II convention in Auckland, New Zealand in April, and the paperback can be found in select New Zealand bookstores. But as most of my readers are outside of New Zealand, I waited to make the announcement until I had an ebook purchase link.

And here it is.

The stories in Lost in the Museum are set in Te Papa, New Zealand’s national museum in Wellington. Although each story can be read on its own, compiled together they form a continuous narrative of sorts, with some characters recurring throughout the collection. Although it’s always exciting to see my work in print, the inclusion of my story “No Ordinary Ghost” has special meaning to me for several reasons:

1. I have fond memories of Te Papa, having spend many leisurely hours there with my family when we lived on the Kapiti Coast (some 50 kilometres from Wellington).

2. I owe an inestimable debt of gratitude to Phoenix Writers. They were the first critiquing group I joined when I started writing, and with their guidance and support I grew from a somewhat sucky writer to an award-winning one. It was an honour to be invited to contribute.

3. I was thinking of my father when I wrote the ending.

4. It’s probably the only publication I’ve appeared in that I’m happy to let my nine- and ten-year-olds read (although I did have to answer some delicate questions about the bearded man in the wedding dress).

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