…except it’s not really a new release as such. The Last Tiger is an old story (I prefer the term “vintage”), first published in the award-winning magazine Electric Velocipede in 2008, reprinted online in Roar and Thunder in 2010, and included in my collection Ghosts Can Bleed. And now you can enjoy it as an audio story in another award-winning publication, The Drabblecast.

Besides the audio format, the key point of difference between this and previous versions of the story is a change to the protagonist’s gender. This was done to accommodate the narrator’s distinctly masculine voice. Besides the pronouns and swapping “woman” for “man”, little needed to be altered.

So here it is. I would say, “Have a listen if you have the time,” but the beauty of podcasts is that you don’t even need spare time to take them in (My favourite time to listen to audio books is while I’m folding the laundry. Second favourite time – in the bath. It’s like reading, only I don’t have to worry about my glasses fogging up). In The Drabblecast‘s version, I particularly enjoyed the use of music to emphasize the tension.


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