Review: Corpse Prince by Lexington Alexander

Posted: September 27, 2013 in Reviews - TV, movie, book and whatever
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Please note that this book is intended for mature audiences.

A mortician struggles with her infatuation for a foreign prince. He’s handsome, dashing, and comes from a long line of respectable royals. The only problem is – he’s a corpse! When Aryanne discovers strange phenomenon plaguing the body, a mystery surrounding the corpse prince unfolds. Her mind becomes riddled with more questions than answers, and she begins completely losing herself to her new obsession.

* * * * *

(Disclosure: The author provided a free electronic copy for review purposes.)

This little number is outside my usual review fare; yes, there are morticians and corpses, which with a different approach might have pushed this over the edge into horror territory (don’t be fooled by the reference to zombie ants – I kept expecting the eponymous corpse to fully reanimate, but that was but a clever piece of misdirection on the author’s part). And yes, there is a minor science fiction theme, as evidenced by the cutting-edge preservative treatment that Aryanne’s husband Vince has invented. But the most accurate categorization is erotica. And a specific sub-genre of erotica with which I am unfamiliar, but judging by the company this novelette keeps on Amazon, enjoys some popularity. I won’t spell out that sub-genre – worldly readers would have figured it out by the first sentence, and less wordly readers can probably stop reading now. I didn’t even know such a sub-genre existed, which means I am well out of my depth!

So now that you know my opinion is rather uninformed, it’s on with the review.

Author Lexington Alexander has created an engaging and sympathetic narrator in Aryanne. I particularly enjoyed the depiction of the tension between Aryanne’s native Taiwanese culture and her adopted American culture. Stalking…I mean, researching the author brings up a little e-book he’s written on how to order a Taiwanese breakfast in Chinese, so I’m guessing he knows what he is talking about, and this aspect of the story has a ring of authenticity about it. Given the subject matter, the sex scenes in “Corpse Prince” are surprisingly tasteful. Alexander does a great job of keeping the reader on Aryanne’s side, even although she crosses a cultural and moral line.

And the things I didn’t like? I found Aryanne’s friend Tenille annoying (maybe she was meant to be), and I was unclear what the point of all the pie-making was. Style-wise, I prefer writing that leaves room for me to make inferences, and this story had a bit too much repetition and too many redundancies for my taste. And out of all the conversations between the five living characters in this story, not once does the author use the perfectly adequate dialogue tag “said” (thanks, Kindle search function!). Everything is screamed, or yelled, or scolded, or warned, or gloated, or complained, or…well, you get the idea.

So who should read “Corpse Prince”? Readers who are looking for a short, sexy, kinky and undemanding tale with a nice little sci fi twist.

* * * * *

Lexington Alexander was born in San Luis Obispo, California in 1984. He graduated from Washington State University with a bachelor’s degree in general studies in 2010. He began a career in game development before becoming an independent author.

You can purchase “Corpse Prince” on Amazon.


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