The Breaking Bad Drinking Game

Posted: September 17, 2013 in Drinking Games
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Tonight I will watch episode 14 of the final season of “Breaking Bad” (I know, I know, I’m a day behind half the English-speaking world). “Breaking Bad” is, according to “Family Guy”, “the best show you’ve ever seen, except maybe ‘The Wire’.”

There will be no drinking for me, seeing as it’s a school night, but if you’re contemplating having a weekend “Breaking Bad” marathon, or even catching up on what everyone else has been raving about, here’s a little challenge for your liver to go with it.

Drink every time –

  • Walter White appears in his underwear.
  • A meth lab gets destroyed.
  • A Latino man meets a violent end.
  • You wonder if Skinny Pete is on meth for real.
  • You wonder where Huell’s neck went.
  • You wonder how, with such conniving parents, Walt Jr can be so naïve.
  • You can tell you’re watching a flashback or flash-forward is because Walt’s hair is different.
  • You’ve reached the end of an episode without realizing what Marie’s favourite colour is.
  • Breakfast is consumed. Drink twice if the breakfast is eaten in an awkward, prolonged silence. Drain your glass if said breakfast involves bacon arranged in the shape of a number.
  • Someone gets killed in a startlingly creative fashion e.g. falling stolen ATM machine, decapitated head turtle bomb.
  • A body gets dissolved in acid.
  • Jesse’s attempts to give away his money end badly for him.
  • Walt’s attempts to hide his money end badly for him.
  • Saul’s attempts to launder Walt’s and Jesse’s money…actually, they usually work pretty well. Except when –
  • Somebody ignores Saul’s good (if morally questionable) advice.
  • Walt and Jesse play “Where’s the Ricin?”

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