And here’s Andy Taylor (the horror writer, not the Duran Duran guitarist) to talk about cocaine, demons, and giant squirrels, and how that all relates to The Demonologia Biblica.

* * * * *

I was lucky enough to get to know Dean through our mutual love of villainous plotting for world domination.  He had this idea for a magma powered death ray and I was just finishing up my plans for the world’s first giant, man-eating squirrel.  We figured “Hey, why not take over the world with death rays and giant killer squirrels?”  The rest is history…or at least it will be when we can figure out how to keep the squirrels from jumping into the magma before we unleash them.  Also, we both have ties to Dark Continent’s Publishing.

Like this, only bigger. Much, much bigger.

Like this, only bigger. Much, much bigger.

My story, V for Vicua, is inspired by my love for cocaine.  Not the drug itself, mind you, but the crazy things done in recent history to ensure its distribution around the world.  As tragic as the violence and murder surrounding cocaine is (both its use and distribution), the history of the various cartels and gangs that have fought over rights to sell are an interesting look into the darker aspects of human nature, greed in particular.  V for Vicua is the story of two rival cartels that have just settled a major feud.  They have decided on one last deal to mark their new truce but both sides are quietly plotting the other’s demise.  While one side uses good old fashioned brutality to accomplish their goals, the other side uses a South American demon to do the job for them and the results lead to a bloody mess with unforeseen consequences.  I’ve actually had this story bouncing around in my head for a while and even had the name of the demon already planned out but I never got around to writing it.  When Dean asked me to write a demonic story involving something with the letter V I knew it was time to put pen to paper and get the story done.

* * * * *

Andy TaylorAndy Taylor fell in love with horror at a young age thanks to an uncle that delighted in terrifying him with a plethora of horror films.  After fattening up on horror from all ages he decided to try coming up with his own worlds and found that he enjoyed it more than he realized he would.  Andy stepped away from writing for a while to try his hand at a hundred or so different jobs but couldn’t get the idea of writing out of his head and thus has turned in his drifter hat for ink and quill (okay, more like laptop and power cord but ink and quill sounds fancier).  When not spending hours stuck in his own head while firmly planted in front of the computer he enjoys bowling, ghost hunting, camping, mischief making, and whatever seems fun at the time.  He lives with his girlfriend Annette and daughter Emma near Saint Louis, MO where they enjoy spending time with his small blind dog Roshi (did I mention said dog doubles as a blind samurai bodyguard).

Andy’s first short story collection, The Drunk and the Dead, is available from Dark Continents Publishing.


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