Barbie Wilde, aka The Female Cenobite, is the next The Demonologia Biblica contributor to visit Exquisite Corpse. I’ve been fortunate enough to share a T0C with Barbie before, in Phobophobia, another Dean Drinkel-edited anthology.

* * * * *

The NightmareI wrote “A is for Alpdrücke” for The Demonologia Biblica anthology because when I was doing some research about demons whose names began with “A”, I was inspired by the famous painting by Fuseli called The Nightmare. It depicts a Germanic demon called an Alp sitting on a sleeping woman’s chest, causing the victim to experience a condition that we tend to refer to as “sleep paralysis”. (By the way, Alpdrücke is German for “Alp attack”).  Having experienced this kind of nighttime phenomena in person, I was able to synthesize my own experiences to ratchet up the terror. I often use my own dreams as a catalyst for my writing.

* * * * *

Barbie Wilde is best known as the Female Cenobite in Clive Barker’s classic cult horror movie Hellbound: Hellraiser II and as a vicious punk in the late Michael Winner’s Death Wish III. During the 1980s and 1990s, Barbie also wrote and hosted eight different music and film review TV programs in the UK.

Short horror stories published in anthologies so far include “Sister Cilice” (for Hellbound Hearts), “U for Uranophobia” (for Phobophobia), “American Mutant: Hands of Dominion” (for Mutation Nation) and “Polyp” (for The Mammoth Book of Body Horror).
BW with Venus Complex 1
Barbie’s controversial dark crime-real life horror novel, The Venus Complex, was recently published by Comet Press. Fangoria #320 called Barbie “one of the finest purveyors of erotically charged horror around.”

Barbie has also written a “further adventures” of her Hellbound Hearts female cenobite character Sister Cilice for The Followers of the Pandorics and is also co-designing a Cilicium Pandoric. Read the story here:

More about Barbie can be found at:


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