Since we’ve been talking about the stories in The Demonologia Biblica lately, I suppose I ought to tell you about mine.

Editor Dean Drinkel assigned me the letter “E”. Out of all my choices, I decided on Eisheth; for what exact reason, I can’t recall, but I suspect it had something to do with the fact that she is a female demon. My brief Google searches described Eisheth variously as a succubus, an angel of sacred prostitution, a queen of the demons and one of the four wives of the angel/demon Samael. I did a Stephenie Meyer and deliberately did not investigate the legends of Eisheth in any great detail so as to bring my own interpretation to her story (so if I start getting death threats from disgruntled kabbalists and demonologists, I’ll know why).

In Late for Eisheth, the hapless narrator meets up with the eponymous demon queen after hearing about her extraordinary charms from one of his patients. He is oblivious to what he is actually getting himself in for, and much wickedness ensues.

Copyright restrictions prevent me from posting an artist’s interpretation of what Eisheth might look like, so instead I’ll post a link to what appears to be the most popular rendering of her according to Google Images.

Look like she could rip out your heart and make you thank her for the pain? Good. That’s what I was going for.




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