Guest post: Lily Childs

Posted: April 20, 2013 in Guest blogs
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It’s Lily Child’s turn to give us some insight into her contribution to The Demonologia Biblica. Take it away, Lily!

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K is for Kilcrops: The Twistweaver’s Son by Lily Childs

 I was holidaying in a tired seaside resort far away from my esoteric library when I received Dean Drinkel’s invitation to contribute to “a new antho about demons”. Dean allocated me the letter ‘K’ which cried out for a Goetic entity – but after some research I went instead for something more European, something closer to home.

According to various occult dictionaries a Kilcrops is the ravenous offspring of an incubus and a woman, and was particularly feared in France – where I happened to live throughout the 1990s.

See page for author [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

This concept of repression through religious fear provoked uncomfortable memories of backwater villages, lost in time and progress where people ran their own illegal stills, kept animals chained-up and caged in windowless barns, and where they cut afternoon cake on the same unwashed tables as they’d slaughtered that morning’s catch. Monstrous but commonplace, even as recently as the end of the last century, and ripe for spreading into fiction.

The Twistweaver of my story winds its preternatural desires into the minds of its victims, using febrile feelers like the fronds of the forests in which it dwells to manipulate women – and men – with undulating waves of desire and abandonment. As I outlined this rather charming character, it gave me pause to wonder, what if one woman’s passion turned out to be too much for even an ancient incubus? And what of their child and its insatiable hunger? Just how greedy would it become? Food for thought…

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Author Bio:

lily-bw-small-portraitLily Childs’s horror, twisted crime and dark fiction has been published in print anthologies, ebooks and online. The paperback version of her first short story collection Cabaret of Dread: a Horror Compendium will be released in May 2013 by Ganglion Press, followed by Volume Two later in the year. She is the author of the Magenta Shaman urban fantasy short story series and was a 2011 Spinetingler award nominee for teenage murder spree tale Carpaccio.

Currently writing the as-yet untitled ‘Asylum Novel’, Lily has more stories and books in her head than she has time to put to paper.

Blog: The Feardom –


Twitter: @LilyChilds



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