Author Jan Edwards shares a little insight into her story “Pet Therapy” in the recently published Demonologia Biblica.

It’s usually tough to nail where any story comes from. Having been co-opted by Dean, and been allocated the letter ‘C’ I hit the books. Being slightly obsessed with folklore at the best of times I had a lot of fun finding digging for something that was a little obscure yet also something that could ‘exist’ in an modern/urban setting.

When I came across the Chordewa it seemed perfect. Cats are always up there, and as there is almost nothing written about the demon in question (that I could find), it gave me the scope to write pretty much anything I liked. Setting it in a hospice seemed the next logical step, given the Chordewa’s own peccadilloes. When it comes to the parrot… I have no excuse.

* * * * *

Jan Edwards is an editor with the award-winning Alchemy Press. She has published over 30 short stories, plus articles, poetry and reviews. Find out more about Jan and her work at


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