Guest post: Mark West

Posted: April 13, 2013 in Guest blogs
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I’m not really into demons and demonology so when Dean approached me about contributing a story for the Demonologia Biblica, I was thrilled to be asked but drew a blank on ideas.  I was saved – as a few of us were, I believe – by the wonderful Nick Vince, who kindly sent me the N section from a demonology encyclopaedia.
I chose the Nickar, since I felt it gave me a lot of freedom and it was an image – and monster – that I could play with.  Since I knew it had to be set on or around a lake in Germany, I did some research (I’ve been to the country but always stuck to the metropolitan areas) and discovered the North German Plains and, from there, it fell into place.  I put my characters there as part of a conference, giving them an instant disconnect to the location, so they saw everything for the first time as the reader did and gave them a romance as an excuse to leave the hotel.  Since my German is restricted to key business phrases, I used Google Translate a lot and had some fun with the names I came up with – the title essentially means False Lake and the town it’s set in is ‘Monster Village’.
A lot of fun to write, a great anthology to appear in and I’m keeping very good company.  Can’t be bad.
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Mark West bio pic
Mark West’s short fiction first began appearing in the small press in 1999 and since then he’s published over seventy short stories, two novels, a novelette and a Spectral Press chapbook that sold out four months prior to publication.  He lives in a small town in Northamptonshire in the UK with his wife Alison and their young son Matthew and can be contacted through his website at

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