New release: The Demonologia Biblica

Posted: March 31, 2013 in Shameless self-promotion
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The Demonologia Biblica, from Western Legends Publishing, is out now. 26 stories, one for each letter of the alphabet,about 26 different demons from 26 different writers. The concept is similar to that for Phobophobia, and that is no coincidence, as both are edited and compiled by Dean M. Drinkel. If you enjoyed Phobophobia, then you’ll want to check out Demonologia Biblica, as the two anthologies share many of the same talented authors and the same cover artist, James Powell.

In case you’re wondering, I drew the letter “E”. My story is entitled “Late for Eisheth”. Various sources cite Eisheth as a succubus, one of the mates of the archangel Samael,  a queen of the demons and an angel of sacred prostitution. So you can expect sex, death and demons (and one perverted and amoral psychiatrist).

There will be a more in-depth post on the contents of The Demonologia Biblica as soon as I receive my contributor copy. In the meantime, for those who trust my prediction that said contents will be most excellent, here are some purchase links:

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:

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