Guest Post: Down the Never-ending Road to Being a Bookaholic!

Posted: March 13, 2013 in Guest blogs
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Today’s guest post is from William Yatscoff. William is the founder and marketing manager of Bookkaholic Magazine. Bookkaholic magazine is a weekly online magazine publishing general interest articles, book reviews, book trailers, book giveaways, and other book interested articles. Come take a look what Bookkaholic has out now.


By Stephan Brunker at de.wikipedia Later versions were uploaded by Luestling at de.wikipedia. [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons

Every single soul that I have had the pleasure to meet has asked me one of two things, when I mention reading is my hobby – “What exactly do you read?” or “How do you manage to spend time reading a book?”. Well, to those confused souls, what I can confidently and clearly enunciate is that I am a self-confessed and thoroughly obsessed bookaholic! Reading a book was never considered a chore in my family, rather it was a way of life. There were people who liked to sing or dance, who were good at math or science and then there was a breed who proudly called themselves bookaholics…us!

I can never exactly zero in on the time I discovered the marvel of immersing myself in a good book; probably when my parents were tired of running behind me, making sure I didn’t get myself or someone else into trouble. Enid Blyton provided me with the first look into a world of magic that called to me in a way that no other activity ever did. Starting from Amelia Jane and the Three Golliwogs right on to Famous Five, I have had the privilege to be involved in all the naughty skirmishes and outlandish adventures that were always a part of the protagonists’ lives.

Being a bookaholic then became a part of my life. I absolutely had to immerse myself in the wondrous and magical lands that beckoned to me from the pages of my favorite books. Graduating from the initial genre of books I started out with, there was no looking back as the journey progressed towards Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Sidney Sheldon, Jeffrey Archer, J.K.Rowling, Dan Brown and onto Stephenie Meyer. The thrill of solving a mystery, the joy of getting to know yet another magical creature, or pondering over the technical impossibility of a vampire romancing a human (though that turned out well for Edward & Bella!), these are some of the vast plethora of feelings that am sure every staunch bookaholic would have gone through.

There were times when the only escape route would be to rush home at the earliest, and go curl up with the current flavor of the month, traveling off to lands unknown and meeting interesting yet intriguing people. A bookaholic would truly understand the importance of these sessions involving utter detachment to one’s surroundings, as these are the times when one can feel liberated from their day-to-day problems and these in fact act as a time of therapy for someone who is so burdened with worldly stress and tension. The road to being a bookaholic, though it may look daunting, is in fact the easiest and best way to attain clarity when your mind is otherwise clogged with unwanted worries or frustration.

No matter what anyone may tease or nag a bookaholic about, there has only been an upward spiral of learning and enlightenment that has always accompanied reading a book. And if someone has a bone of contention to pick with it, then they would have an entire army of bookaholics to answer to…all armed with a book of their choice, bookmarked to their winning point!


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