It’s been a slow year writing-wise for me. Or at least, so I thought, because I recently realized that I have several new publication credits to look forward to in 2013 (if the Mayans’ predicted apocalypse doesn’t obliterate Earth on December 21, that is).

And in no particular order, those credits are:

“The Touch of the Taniwha” in FISH from Dagan Books.  Originally slated for a 2012 release, the anthology has been put back to January 2013 for various really good reasons.

“The Oldest Profession”. The Table of Contents has not been officially announced by the publisher yet, so I won’t say where that will be appearing. The next thing on my To Do List after writing this blog is to go through the editorial notes for this story.

“Wooden Heart.” Also not officially announced yet. I hope I won’t be giving away anything major by saying that it is due for publication in April 2013.

“Late for Eisheth” in Demonologia Biblica from Western Legends Publishing. This will be my second collaboration with editor Dean M. Drinkel, the first being Dark Continents Publishing’s Phobophobia.

An as-yet untitled story in For the Night Is Dark from Crystal Lake Publishing. Like “Late for Eisheth”, this piece was solicited by the editor; the story is untitled because I haven’t finished writing it yet.

I also have a couple of sorta-kinda-maybe credits coming, one an as-yet unstarted story in a collaboration with some old writing buddies in New Zealand, and one the possibility of a second short story collection.

Looks like I’ll have no shortage of Christmas gifts for unsuspecting…I mean, grateful relatives in 2013.

  1. Paul Hodge says:

    Indeed, a year to celebrate! Well done Tracie

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