[panda]! It’s another blog round-up!

Posted: November 23, 2012 in Blog round up
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“Maggoty” cupcakes

Not sure if I should be thanking Pierre Mare for alerting me to this one or not.  The world’s most revolting (looking) cakes.

“I’m only gonna take the staples out of your mouth ’cause I can’t stand the humming.”  Just one priceless quotation from Sleep Talkin’ Man.

Essential reading for anyone, male or female, who has kids, doesn’t have kids, wants kids or doesn’t want kids. (Written by a talented 20-something pregnant married person, in case you’re wondering).

In my humble opinion, Simon Kurt Unsworth is one of the best horror writers in the UK today.  Now’s your chance to experience beautifully crafted quiet horror AND raise money for cancer research.  It’s a win-win.

Read this post immediately after posting on Twitter a request for just one more “like” on Amazon.  Ouch.

Fifteen things not to say to a book review.  By all means think them, even scream them at your computer screen, but never, EVER say them to a reviewer. For one thing, they won’t know what to make of your panda obsession.

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