It’s been nearly a week since my last blog post, which is a poor showing, considering I aim for two posts a week.  But I have a really, really good excuse for my tardiness (more on that later).  I present a three-week bonanza of interesting, entertaining and worthy posts that have crossed my screen.

* * * * *

Current AHWA president Geoff Brown writes the first of many promised columns on Australian Horror for the always-excellent This Is Horror site.

The #1 author as a child.

Tim Janson gives us his Top 20 Greatest Horror Writers of All-time list.  An all-time greatest list of anything is always good for a dust-up…I mean, robust debate. No women on the list, I see…

An alert reader emailed me to tell me about this article.  And she was right; it does align perfectly with my interests and subject matter.  So many favourites on this list – Mark Thackeray, Miss Honey, Mr Miyagi…

Funny. And clever. And a tiny bit scary. And did I mention funny?

Another alert reader emailed this to me.  Innovative thinking from a construction company.  Now, these are the guys you want to build your next zombie-proof pole barn.

Anyone else see the irony in this article?

By Simon Kozhin/С.Л.Кожин [CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

And they all lived happily ever after.

Why fairy tales matter (the real, gritty, unsanitized ones, not the Disney versions). Reading this almost inspires me to write for kids.

Another diversion for writers.  I spent some time comparing “Ghosts Can Bleed” to a host of other titles I had never heard of, which seems rather appropriate.

Thanks to David Gaughran for his post on “Fill the Shelves”. To all my writer friends who don’t do altruism, think of it this way; it’s not charity, it’s investing in the next generation of readers who are going to buy your books.

And now for a little shameless self-promotion – actually, it’s someone else promoting me for a change.

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