Lots of things going on in Tracieland lately (more on some of those things later), so this blog round-up is on the sparse side.  On the plus side, the house is full of sugary home-baked treats to help me through my extensive To Do List.

* * * * *

Barry Parham delivers a parody of NBC Olympic news coverage as only a sharp-witted, disgruntled writer can.  I wonder what he would make of Australia’s Channel Nine.

Without the man in the photo, the photo of this man wouldn’t exist.”  Joel Runyon blogs about a chance meeting with Russell Kirsch (google him).

Yes, this is dated July 16…unearthed it in my “need to read this later when I have more time” file.  Lessons I have learned from this article – hug your bank manager.  And next time someone pisses you off, call them an “unconditional non-reciprocator”.  With thanks to Pierre Mare for sharing.

So much good-to-know, interesting-to-know and have-to-know stuff packed into one small, comprehensible package – Rich Meyer gives us a rundown on the Infringement Twins.

StoryBundle – an innovative new way of buying and selling indie e-books. Check it out.

Sticky Date Pudding recipe, tried and tested chez McBride.  Two residents were afraid to try it because it had the word “date” in the title.  One was so afraid, he baked his own desserts rather than have to eat it.  If DCP ever does another Phobophobia anthology, my next story is going to be about a fear of food.


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