Why Jack Daniels should be the author’s ‘poison’ of choice

Posted: August 2, 2012 in Blog round up
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…but I’m not just talking about JD’s.  Amongst other things, we also have eloquent genre definitions, a Star Wars- themed song parody and an exploration of the fading myth of the witch.

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Amazing Stories. Artist is probably Frank PaulFellow SuperNOVArian, SF buff and ex-pat New Zealander Bren MacDibble drops into David McDonald’s blog, Ebon Shores, and tells us why science fiction is so important to our children’s education.

Outstanding post from Elizabeth Twist that is the closest I have ever seen to a comprehensive definition of what constitutes the horror genre.  Thank you, Emma Audsley, for sharing.

Stephen Hise comments on the always-excellent Indies Unlimited site on the dubious wisdom of promising to review the second book in a series that one has already professed to hate.  Somewhere along the line a new acronym is formed – TBTSNBN.

“…outbreaks of lynchings of the elderly on suspicion of witchcraft is quite common.”  Pierre Mare’s post on witches is the most scary thing I’ve read all month.

Bloody Parchment Volume 2 is released, and submissions open for this year’s short story competition.

Jack Daniels shows the corporate world how to assert one’s trademark rights with good manners and grace. With thanks to GN Braun for the heads-up.

And thanks to my Number One Son, Declan, for the Best. Song. Parody. Ever.

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