How to: Be curious. Be creative. Be a good dad. Love chocolate.

Posted: June 13, 2012 in Blog round up
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My link roundups were originally intended to be a weekly thing, in which case, I’m dreadfully overdue.  I’m sorry, Internet – I have been paying attention.  Really, I have!

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Alan Dale’s epic “Summer 150” blog project is now well underway – 150 creative types profiled in professional magazine-style articles.  Make sure you head on over, check out the talent, and follow the blog.

Pierre Mars discusses the value of curiosity.

Some useful definitions in the world of publishing from Anne R. Allen.  What I like most about this post is that there is little judgement involved.  It’s not a matter of Big Six versus small press versus self-publishing, it’s simply “This is what they are and this is how you tell the difference”.

Someone who hates puppies, Harry Potter, chocolate and bacon?  That would be The Devil, wouldn’t it?

These photos are just gorgeous.  My favourite (no surprises there…) is the one of the two Little Red Riding Hoods armed with sticks and gleefully seeing off the Big Bad Wolf.

This article explores Stephen King’s takes on biblical themes.  Because “the Bible is in many ways the ultimate horror novel.”

You’ll get no argument from me.

Nothing says “I love you” like sitting in a puddle of your offspring’s projectile vomit…Christopher Profeta discusses the Brotherhood of Fatherhood.

TW Brown presents a concise and compelling argument on why slowing down to look at Internet car wrecks is a bad idea all round.


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