Guest Post from S.B. Knight: To sparkle or not to sparkle…that is the question.

Posted: May 17, 2012 in Guest blogs
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Today’s guest post comes from S.B. Knight, author of “Born of Blood”.

SB Knight has seen his poetry and short stories published in both books and magazines. Now, with the publishing of his first novel he has achieved a goal and dream set many years ago. Currently he has completed the sequel for Born of Blood and is currently working on another project.

SB Knight is the creator of ‘The New Author;’ a blog that started as a learning tool but has since grown into a community of friends and peers. He is also co-owner of Premium Promotional Services where authors can find the help they need to promote their book on the Internet.

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Do you think the early authors such as Bram Stoker had any idea of how immense the world of vampires would get? Do we owe this phenomenon to those tellers of tales that chill us and keep us awake at night? I’m not sure about that. I know they played a large role in developing the dark landscape of vampires. The fact that storytellers shared many of these same tales of terror by word of mouth around fires while the rest of their group or tribe surrounded them illustrates how long the lore and myth of vampires has been around. It really is a tale as old as time.

One of the originals – Vlad Tepes

The world of vampires is both broad and deep. Simply look at the types of vampires we now have. In the early years we had the creepy looking, sinister, blood suckers. As time went on we met The Count. This vampire we all know. These are the wealthy, gentlemen type that lure in women with their charm and looks but beneath that surface rests a monster that is both cunning and brutal. I believe Bram Stoker nailed it with his description. From there I believe we took a major step backwards and the vampires became mindless monsters. No, not like the creepy looking vampires of yesteryear because they were cunning to a degree. No, these ‘monster vampires’ were nothing more than animals that destroyed and drank blood. Granted, they were scary but they lacked that…’it’ factor. We still see those vampires today but we have also met another group of vampires. This group is more recent and while they have moved forward from the brainless animal vampires they are still lacking. This new vampire is the apologetic, depressed because I’m a vampire, drama type that is more moody than cunning and more willing to save everyone than use them for his purposes. There is a large romantic angle with this type of vampire that many find endearing and…well, attractive. There are many more vampires and even hybrids but the majority can fit in one of those categories.

So, as an author, which is the best? Which is the best when it comes to reading about them? We all know Stephanie Meyer made a truck load of money with the romantic, moody vampire and she has fans busting down her door for more. We also see the success of “True Blood” which is interesting because those vampires are not moody nor are they exactly brutal…they are sex crazed though.

I know it is a matter of opinion but I simply can’t see the apex predator, the ultimate monster, and one of the scariest beings on the planet as moody and romantic…nor can I see it as brainless either. I believe Stoker and the early authors set the standard because even when Dracula was romantic and charming his intentions were evil and dark. See the difference? This is what makes the vampire so terrifying, they can express any emotion while hiding their true intentions deep within. They can manipulate anyone to do things without the person truly recognizing it. Of course the whole violent death part is pretty scary too but it is the subliminal that really gets us.

The vampire in Born of Blood is the cunning, brutal, charming, evil, manipulative, and a predator type of vampire. As many have said, he is scary and the stuff of nightmares…I truly believe vampires were meant to be that way. Granted, he is a gentleman and presents himself very well to the public but he always has his own plans and motivations. He is never to be underestimated…which many discover the hard way.

Which vampire is best? I truly believe this debate will last until the end of time but for me, it’s the vampire that makes you uncomfortable, makes the hair on the back of your neck stand on end, and makes you feel bad for liking them so much that you can’t stop reading. It’s like the ultimate guilty pleasure.

What others are saying about Born of Blood:

“S.B. Knight has given us one of the most wicked and evil Vampires to grace the pages of a novel. If I can even use the word “grace.” Drago is the stuff of nightmares and history. The one that has never sparkled or fallen in love with his victims. Oh yes, this guy is scary. To make matters worse, he has a sidekick. The gruesome twosome of evil and blood lust.” – Karen Bryant Doering

“Step aside Stephen King and Dean Koontz, there’s a new kid in town and his destination is keeper shelves everywhere. Let’s hope Born of Blood is just the tip of Knight’s creative iceberg!” ~ Rebecca Sinclair, Bestselling Author

Being the first of a three books series, this story is a great start to what promises to be a engaging saga. Though sometimes quite gruesome, this novel gives dark fantasy fans a different take on a well known story. The flow of the writing and vivid imagery draws the reader into the story and keeps them on the edge of their seat right to the last page.” ~ Karen Gilmour, Book Reviewer at Misty Bay 

Where can you find Born of Blood?

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  1. Great post! I have to admit, my own writing was influenced by the romantic, tortured vampire character–Barnabas Collins in Dark Shadows and Anne Rice’s vampire stories. I think these stories set the stage for the sympathetic vampire.

    • sbknight says:

      There is nothing wrong with allowing your story to dictate what kind of vampire you have. I will say that even Collins and the vampires from Anne Rice had a dark side to them. They may have hidden it better and rarely displayed it you always had the feeling it was there, just under the service. That is good stuff. Thank you for your comment Susan!

  2. Panama says:

    Your list is totally uncomplete… Many names are missing.Never heard about Henry Fitzroy and “Blood Ties” ? You should. Not only popular American shows had awesome vampires.

  3. sbknight says:

    Yes, one of the driving inspirations for me to write this series was to bring vampires back to the Deacula type of vampire. The kind that will compliment you while ripping out your throat.

  4. Pierre Mare says:

    I’ll read it soonish.

  5. I, too, agree. Dracula would be rolling over in his grave (sorry) for what they’ve done to the vampire legend.

  6. ajponder says:

    I agree – all the best villains have that polite overwash to suck you in and then scratch a little and its evil, evil, evil – far scarier – and far more fun!!!!!!

    • sbknight says:

      Oh yes, far scarier and far more fun – which is what we want in our vampire stories. Thank you for your comment!!

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