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Posted: May 4, 2012 in Guest blogs
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I open up “Exquisite Corpse” today to indie author Alan Dale.

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Alan Dale has been a sports and news journalist for on and off, the last 25 years. He has won national awards for sports writing and received numerous accolades for his work. Recently he completed “The Enternet: Trapped Inside A WEB” and the “DNA: Code Flesh (Part One)” teaser novella as part of his “Dead Nations’ Army” trilogy. He currently is finishing up the “Code Flesh” full novel and hopes to get cracking on the follow ups “Code Mind” and “Code Soul.” “DNA” is considered horror-zombie-political-fiction series that hopes to tell the story of the world we lived in decorated in zombies. To some, it also is a predicative piece of work projecting where the world is heading right before our eyes.

He hopes to get DNA completed by the beginning of 2013 and then he aims to work on his “NIGEL” Vampire trilogy and his “Resurrection of Game” young adult series.

Currently, he lives in Portland, Oregon and enjoys time with his girlfriend Thia, cat Kid, and two dog friends, Qi and Puck.


For years the planet was run by the New World Order, but not to its liking. After mandating the use of death row and life sentenced inmates as subjects in scientific experiments, the NWO has decided to tighten its grip through its greatest political decision. However, the experiment backfires, leaving the world in the middle of a war stuck in the middle of another war.

Two of those combatants, Bridjett and Shad Alexi, siblings, torn apart by different allegiances both work to find the common ground amidst a war that will soon grow beyond the parameters anyone would have ever imagined.

Having contaminated the “cocktail” used to keep prisoner test subjects, or SCRATS, alive, the NWO hoped to create an army purely under its command. Little did they know the “cocktail” would turn thousands of SCRATS into zombies and lead to a worldwide epidemic of undead walking the earth.

Led by Bridjett and the DNA roving army, the survivors, mostly trapped in various gated communities around the world, await the replenishment of supplies and sustainence in order to survive the constant threat of zombies on the other side of the wall.

What the DNA didn’t expect was the NWO’s need to feed the new undead army to keep them compliant. Only what they don’t know is Shad Alexi’s plans to give the people a fighting chance, even if it involves going against the NWO he fights for. Now, a war for the lives of the remaining humans on earth is waged as government and survivors, battle for the right to claim control for the lives of the people.

The Dead Nations’ Army trilogy begins with Code Flesh which examines the origins of the scrat infection and its ultimate growth. It also discusses the many issues that face the world today, such as how the have nots sustain themselves in a world gone dead, the different groups that ultimately arise from the apocalypse, and of course, how to destroy the NWO.

To date, the teaser novella – Part I of Code Flesh – has done fairly well and its Facebook page has also garnered 500-plus fans and thus there is a following to build off of. Take a look at

For future reference, the second book in the DNA series, CODE MIND investigates how the scrat evolution becomes second stage. Cognition, communication, and forming as one unit take center stage for the scrats. This happens just as the DNA and NWO and Independent decide to team up. Also the Order and Utopias ultimately learn that all best plans don’t always go the way you hope.

Concluding the series will be CODE SOUL, where the complete evolution of the scrats takes form. This is where we learn if a perfect equilibrium on earth. The war ends, there is peace, but that comes in the form of “be careful what you wish for.” In the end, it is DNA’s hopes to give the reader the most intense, kick in the gut, sick to my stomach moment, where they realize, that maybe this isn’t what the human race should be about after all, even if it is….


Sorry, Alan – couldn’t resist the temptation to mess with your post just a little bit…

Quite frankly, about a decade ago, I began seeing more and more of what was going wrong in our world. Being both a journalism and history major I tend to wax nostalgic and read a lot about past civilizations and dynasties. It is scary how similar the demise of our nation parallels those of other empires past – think Greece, Rome, Persia, etc. The difference is, that with the world becoming so much smaller and compact due to technological advancements, the so-called ‘elite’ have decided to become buddies. It is a known fact that when a populace’s decision makers and governmental leaders come from means (you know, Silver Spoon kids), ultimately its nation and infrastructure fails. Why? Well how can the 1 percent who have no semblance of what struggle and day-to-day survival is, relate to the 99 percent? They can’t. Historically, they tend to be greedy and want the whole playground to themselves. The problem is now all of those kids have grown up and can Skype with those of their ilk in Japan, Russia, Germany, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, and of course the United States. This does not bode well for the people. Thus, DNA was written as a way to first, entertain, second, educate, and third, predict and show where we are headed if we do not stop this from happening. I mean c’mon? Really? The insurance rates? The medical billings? The gas prices? Grocery prices? Etc. Etc. It’s not just us. It’s everywhere. But, sadly, if we don’t fix it, we are in trouble. “DNA” basically explores what will happen and what we ultimately deserve when things don’t get properly dealt with. If I may offer a teaser…it’s the first zombie-horror story with a totally ‘happy’ ending….but, be careful what we wish for.


To check out the book on Amazon

To check out the book on Goodreads

To check out the “DNA” fan page

To check out Alan Dale’s Twitter account!/ADaleandDNAArmy

To check out Alan Dale’s Blog Page



Starting in 2001, I began working on a story that would talk about our ability to travel within the Internet. Ultimately, it started to unfold as a tale of dependence on the WEB and technology itself. I completed it in late 2004 and It also is available as an e-book on Amazon. I really like the story, but my writing was still working itself out, at least novel-wise.

“The Enternet: Trapped Inside A WEB”

THE ENTERNET: Trapped Inside A WEB, is a futuristic thriller about Brian Masters, a detective who pursues a web-traveling serial killer only to find that he and the killer are both pawns of Klemm Teegs, the falsely-imprisoned technical mastermind behind the invention of society’s cybertravel infrastructure. Aided by the expertise of a mysterious woman known to him only as The Mark, Masters must now save society from total ruin by preventing Teegs from enacting his vengeful and fanatical plan to destroy the infrastructure…or is society already doomed by the nature of the infrastructure itself?
The ENTERNET: Trapped Inside A WEB combines science, politics, romance, horror, suspense, futuristic elements, and modern themes of terrorism, overindulgence, political brainwashing, self centeredness, and the “me-ism” of modern times to deal with the greatest issue facing mankind – is man weaker of stronger because of our technological advancements?
The story begins with a historical flashback illustrating how the PORTAL and WEB Travel came into existence. Beginning with the Tannenbauer lawsuit and the terrorist attacks of 2026 due to decreased airport security, the need for a safer form of transportation is in need. These more serious attacks leads to an economic crash and the world enters a serious depression for years.
The years pass and KLEMM TEEGS comes up with a plan to help “save the world” from its current downtrodden state of affairs – personal, safe, and untouchable internet travel…via the Internet. By breaking the human body down atomically, the PORTAL sends the body through the WEB at breakneck speed, so fast the user never knows he is being torn apart into billions of atoms to be reconfigured anywhere else in the world within seconds.
Once he successfully hatches a successful series of transfers, Teegs invites his collegiate friend, EDWIN ROMERO into the fold, letting him in on his secret. Romero, has aspirations of his own and decides that Teegs’ invention means more than just a remedy for the world’s problems and a rebuilding of the economy.
Push comes to shove and with some governmental “help,” Romero manages to get Teegs falsely imprisoned and take sole proprietorship over the portal.
Fifteen years later and Teegs has been released from prison. Romero, a Senator himself, aims for the presidency, and the world is now one of Internet transfers and America is wealthier than ever. But is it safer and is man better for it or further distanced from what made man great in the first place?
Will man, rediscover his nature?

Links to “The Enternet”


Thanks for your time!

Alan Dale

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(Disclaimer: The political views expressed in this blog post are not necessarily shared by the blog owner.  But, fight to the death to defend his right to express them and all that.)


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