It’s the end of April already?  Here’s a highly subjective list of all things interesting in Tracieland over the last couple of weeks.

G R Yeates interviews co-founder of Dark Continents Publishing, Mr Adrian Chamberlin.

Emma Audsley kicks off her “What Scares You” guest post series with horror reviewer extraordinaire Jim McLeod, a.k.a. The Ginger Nuts of Horror, and his debilitating phobia of…nuns.  Compare and contrast the photo of the hard man himself with the sweet, diminutive and be-habited Julie Andrews.

G R Yeates interviews Christopher L Beck.  Turns out we both have friends who set fire to a church.  What a bizarre coincidence.

“It must be torture for an intelligent Christian to argue against homosexuality.”    With thanks to Facebook friend Glenda Larke Noramly for sharing this link.

I don’t play video games.  Not because I fear they might turn me into some psychotic right wing extremist murderer, but because I already have enough time-wasting diversions in my life, and don’t need any more.  But I do yearn for a certain objectivity in news reporting.  The reporting on the Breivik case has been biased right from the beginning, and this is just one example.

From Ed’s Casual Friday, the Indie Author’s Prayer.

Are you a writer crippled by the fear of rejection?  Practise getting rejected here with The Rejection Generator Project.  I chose the Body Blow.  It lived up to its name…ouch.

Five facts about the movie “The Avengers”.  Personally, I think there are only two things you need to know about this movie.  One, that it is directed by God…I mean, Joss Whedon.  And two, Scarlett Johansson’s stunt double is called Heidi Moneymaker.  Do you think that’s her real name?  If so, then she’s going to have trouble if she wants to be a porn star, because there’s nowhere to go from there. I’ve always thought the same thing about HWA President, fellow ex-pat Kiwi and all-round good guy Rocky Wood.  But I digress…

Susan McSherry alerts us to a hilarious Youtube video.  A must see for writers, editors, gamers and people who might be tempted to write poorly constructed negative reviews.  I laughed so hard I nearly popped my stitches (why do I have stitches?  It’s a long story…).

Max Booth III brings us a thought-provoking quote from Kurt Vonnegut.

Armand Rosamilia interviews various authors (including me) an an under-explored subject – animals in fiction.


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