Racism and red trousers

Posted: April 14, 2012 in Blog round up
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What do racism and red trousers have in common?  Nothing, except that they both feature in this link round up.

Michael Jackson got special dispensation from the fashion police for his red trousers.

When I first saw this posted on Facebook, I thought, “So what?  What’s the big deal with red trousers?” And then I took a look, and…oh dear.  There really is no way to wear red trousers without looking like a complete tosser (although the wannabe rock star almost gets away with it).

A while back I watched a documentary about Real Dolls and the men who owned them.  I couldn’t quite sort out how I felt about it, so I went googling the subject for further information and stumbled across a series of vicious, woman-hating forums that had me whimpering in a corner for weeks.  This Cracked article explains it all.  In the best Cracked tradition, it is at first funny, then funny because it’s true, then after further reflection, sad because it is true.

But on the slightly brighter side, here’s a bloke who most certainly does not hate women.  Fantasy author Mr Jim Hines, bravely and hilariously showing us the impracticalities of many fantasy book covers.   I bought one of his books purely because of this post.

Oh boy.  From sexism to racism.  This is a depressing fortnight.

Dark Continents Publishing’s fearless leader, D.M. Youngquist, is interviewed by G.R. Yeates about…well, fear.  And BDSM.  And zombies.

Mark Scioneaux and RJ Cavender talk to Fear Net about “Horror for Good”.

The tireless G.R. Yeates turns his attentions to fellow Kiwi and Phobophobia contributor John Irvine (thanks for talking me up, John – your cheque’s in the mail…)

The always-excellent David Gaughran tells us about how Salon tried to spin Amazon’s financial support of various worthy literary and non-profit groups into a bad thing.  Oh, yes.  Donating money to groups that mentor girls, support GLBT literature, give free tutoring to kids and support human rights – that surely is evidence that Amazon is the Devil.  Which must make me, as a regular Amazon customer, one of its minions.

Fellow horror author Ian Rob Wright does his fellow scribes a good turn all this month with his Q and A sessions.  I get a turn…on Friday the 13th!


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