A fortnight’s online reading in which breasts appear more than once…

Posted: March 16, 2012 in Blog round up
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…I wonder if the name of this post qualifies as sexposition?

I’m a little tardy with my link round up – I’d like to be able to honestly offer up a worthy excuse, but the truth is, I spent last weekend out and about with a friend visiting from New Zealand.  There will be a blog post chronicling our excursions…

But on with the round up.

Stuck for ideas on what to inscribe in your book at your next author signing?  Then try Stephen Hise’s patent pending Random Inscription Generator.  For example –
“Juanita, when you bent over the table to get your book signed, I could see down your blouse a little bit. I recommend you have a physician look at that mole. Enjoy the book! Bob Summers.”

Yes, sometimes it IS all about me… G.R. Yeates gives me a turn in the Phobophobia interviewee’s seat.

Look, you may as well just subscribe to Indies Unlimited so you can read Ed’s Casual Friday post every week.  This time, Ed describes the typical Indie Author Off Day (been there, done that, spent half an hour designing the T-shirt on Zazzle when I should have been writing).

Horror blogger stalwart Ginger Nuts interviews Barbie Wilde, a.k.a. the Female Cenobite from Hellraiser.  I first heard of Barbie when we shared space in Phobophobia’s Table of Contents.  Reading through her interview, I realised that she has literally lived the life that I dreamed about.  Opening for Adam and the Ants, Ultravox and Depeche Mode?  Having a bloke ask for her autograph on his skin so he can get it tattooed on?  Representing a Clive Barker character on screen?  Stop it, you’re making me jealous.

I’m so glad I discovered Cupcakes and Cauldrons.  Nearly every post contains some pertinent wisdom or a tantalising new recipe (or both).  This post reflects on the lessons and gifts you get from your parents, especially the unintended gifts. If you’re reading this (and even if you’re not) – I love you, Mum and Dad(s).

This post from David Gaughran hosted on Catherine Ryan Howard’s blog describes the “easy” process to get oneself an EIN number if one is a non-US self-publisher so one does not have to pay withholding tax on Amazon et al.  Still looks pretty complicated to me…but the alternative, apparently, is even scarier.

The tireless G.R. Yeates interviews Phobophobia contributor Magen Toole.  Magen is afraid of ghosts seeing her naked in the shower, just in case you were wondering.

This exquisitely crafted guest post from Cat Rambo on Dark Continents Publishing’s blog shows why she is one of the best speculative fiction writers on the planet.

With thanks to Deb’s Answers http://debsanswers.wordpress.com/2012/03/09/what-is-my-body-gallery/ for putting me on to this site – Are you a woman?  Do you think your body is less than perfect?  I expect that opinions on this site will be sharply divided, and look forward to hearing both for and against.

“I got to thinking that humans are probably the worst kind of monsters…”
G.R. Yeates again (he doesn’t pay me for the plugs, I swear!) continues the Phobophobia series with his interview of John Prescott.

“Breasts are still our cheapest special effect.”
An article on theage.com.au discusses the dubious art of sexposition.

Courtesy of a heads up from Ian Woodhead – an article on Engfish. Or, how the halls of academia kill students’ natural written voices stone dead.


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