Link round up – the visual edition

Posted: February 27, 2012 in Blog round up
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Wherever you find indie authors congregating, you’ll hear this question and variants thereof asked often: how important for indie e-book sales is good cover art, and how much should one expect to pay for a professionally designed cover?  This post from artist and indie author India Drummond tells you straight.  Need convincing?  She has sales stats.  And we know how much indie authors love and obsess over sales stats…

I like to avoid clichés wherever possible.  And if I can’t avoid them, then I’ll at least try to subvert them.  Here’s a top ten list of action movie clichés, all ripe for avoiding or subverting.

“Together we are going to eat the stars.”  The Ginger Nuts of Horror interviews Autumn Christian.

Don’t you just love YouTube’s capacity for completely distracting you from what you’re meant to be doing?  First up, the coolest nine-year-old on the planet.

And from the sublime to…something else sublime, but in a completely different way.  Do I need to make a Strong Language Warning when the bedtime story is “Go the F**k to Sleep” and it’s being narrated by Samuel L. Jackson?!

The definitive list of the Top 20 Horror Novels of All Time?  Let the flame wars begin…

“Q. Of all your tattoos which do you think is most synonymous with horror?
A. It would have to be the tattoo of an eyeball with tentacles of muscle intertwining behind it and a nail going straight through the top of the eye.”  This is Horror interviews tattoo artist Shawn Conn.  I believe I said “Holy crap” out loud when I saw the full back tattoo featured in this interview.

G.R. Yeates posts the first of his Phobophobia interviews, this one with fellow musician and horror writer John Palisano.

Serenity Banks, Boss Lady at Redheaded Stepchild, talks about the past, present and future of Dark Continents Publishing.


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