Culture and patriarchy and brainwashing cults

Posted: February 19, 2012 in Blog round up
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This week’s attention-grabbing posts include –

Nerine Dorman hosts Matthew Tait, the author of Slander Hall, where they talk about Matthew’s interest in cults that are involved in brainwashing.

AJ Brown’s guest post on the Dark Continents Publishing blog is about the greatest common denominator – fear.  More specifically, the fear of failure.  Even more specifically, the fear of failing as a writer.

Go Indie takes a recent conversation thread from Facebook and uses it to introduce some of its new members.  Well, yes, I am one of them, but the real reason for listing this post in my weekly round up is to show how these kinds of blogs and groups really can work to help spread the word and share the love about your work; as a result of joining the group, and reading LA Sherman’s intriguing introduction, I purchased her e-book “Bengali Girls Don’t”.  It promises to be an interesting and well-written read.  I also await with great interest the publication of Tasha Turner’s novel based on Jewish vampire mythology; the vampire myth exists in many variations across many different countries and cultures, so it’s surprising that, given the current fascination with vampires inspired by Twilight and True Blood, more writers aren’t delving into that rich cultural heritage to bring readers a fresh take on the genre.

Want to know more about L.A.Sherman and her novel “Bengali Girls Don’t”?  This interview with the author on G.R. Yeates’ blog is a great place to start.

Courtesy of a SuperNOVA friend, there is this extraordinary art form that is new to me.  I have a small pile of books that our dog stole off the bookshelf and chewed, and that I haven’t yet been able to bring myself to throw out.  Now, if only I was visually artistic and had a sharp enough knife…


Joe Konrath.  Like he needs a shout out on my itty bitty blog.  Here he tells us straight what he thinks of Amazon.

With thanks to Glenda Larke, this article on how contraception has changed and continues to change the world has nothing to do with books and writing and a lot to do with everything else.  It might be the single most important article you read all year.


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