Zombies and romance novels and snobby journalists, Oh My!

Posted: February 12, 2012 in Blog round up
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And welcome to this week’s link round up, where we have for your reading pleasure…

Nerine Dorman hosts a guest blog from Autumn Christian.   Only 22 years old, and so, so talented, even Autumn’s blog posts are works of art.  Be sure to check out her short story collection, A Gentle Hell, on Amazon.

“The publishers that survive and thrive will likely be smaller specialized publishers who can do for authors what authors cannot or will not do for themselves. “ Hobbes End Publishing interviews the founder of Smashwords, Mark Coker. 

I should just post a link to Chuck Wendig’s blog every week and be done with it – another inimicable post from a Terrible Mind detailing 25 ways in which writers are not entirely sane (or words to that effect).

Suzanne Robb posts Part 2 of the Zombie Manifesto on “Bricks of the Dead”.  My favourite part of the Zombie Manifesto is the discussion thread, where Suzanne has to step in and separate a couple of earnest participants about to start a flame war –
“What you need to factor in, is that this is fiction, the “doctor” does not really exist, because in reality no one studies this.”
Although don’t be too surprised if somebody soon writes their PhD thesis on Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse.

“I’m not so sure it is wise to underestimate the boundless idiocy of the unobserved reading public.”  So says Antonia Senior in this article in The Guardian which sneers at the popularity of “downmarket” genre fiction e-books.  Them’s fightin’ words!

“Suspend Your Disbelief ” is another blog that routinely piques my interest.  Carolyn J. Rose’s post on the chemistry between her two fictional characters (and between her and her husband) made me both want to read the book, despite not  being typically drawn to romance novels, and never want to attempt writing romance myself, because it all sounds way too hard.

Rebecca Besser gives friends, family and fans concrete suggestions on how to support your favourite starving author that go beyond the obvious “Buy My Book!”.



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