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Posted: January 23, 2012 in Blog round up
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I would pick now to start posting a blog round up, wouldn’t I…

This has been a crazy, mad-ass-busy week for me in the blogosphere.  The Darkness and Dismay authors have been merrily playing in each other’s sandpits, and there were so many interesting things being said in other blogs that I’m not quite sure where to start.

So I’ll just get on with it.  Here is my inaugural, highly subjective summary of the week’s Blogging Points of Interest.

Daniel I Russell invites AJ Brown to lie down on his couch and discuss his recent release “Along The Splintered Path” on his blog.

AJ Brown returns the favour by drawing a little (or is it a lot of?) blood from Daniel I Russell in his blog post Critiquing Daniel Russell. 

Suzanne Robb grills Andy Taylor in Welcome Andy Taylor, writer and LEGO cannibal (I can see these two becoming great mates – they share a sense of humour and fun that comes through in their stories.  If you enjoy the work of one, you’ll probably appreciate the work of the other just as much).

Suzanne Robb also gets busy on Bricks of the Dead, where she sparks off a lively discussion on creating a Zombie Manifesto.

Over in the The Café of Dreams, (‘cos it’s all really about me!  Me me me!) there’s the opportunity to win a signed paperback copy of Ghosts Can Bleed.

Australian author and self-publisher Patty Jensen tells aspiring self-publishers what they’re really getting in for, in a blunt and entertaining way (“There is no need to be snobby about ‘the publishing industry’. Unless you know a lot about it, and can demonstrate that knowledge, you’ll just end up looking like a dick.”)

In his post Amazon Select: my own reader’s guidelines, Glen Krisch outlines his moral code for downloading books made temporarily free through the Amazon Select Programme – and makes me feel a little guilty for my recent bout of gluttony (80 books waiting to be read on my Kindle, and probably half of them were downloaded for free…).


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