Little Milestones

Posted: December 5, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Last Sunday’s celebrity six sentences came from the YA novel Solace and Grief by Australian author Foz Meadows.  I met Foz when she joined SuperNOVA.  She came to the group with a three book contract with Ford Street Publishing under her belt (Book Two of her trilogy The RareThe Key to Starveldt, came out in October this year).  She’s young, she’s perpetually cheerful, she needs no make-up, her capacity for churning out massive word counts is unparalleled in the SuperNOVA circle, and as Kirstyn McDermott said at the launch of Solace and Grief, we all hate her a little (but we love her too).


So, what’s new in Tracieland?  The beginning of December sees me sagging at the knees a little under the combined weight of Christmas preparations (so far I’ve done little more than just think about preparing for Christmas, and that’s bad enough), end-of-year gatherings and functions, miscellaneous child-related activities and work stuff.  After going through the stressful process (thanks, Victorian Government education system) of reapplying for my own job, I can now look forward to 2012 working two days a week instead of my current three, which is fantastic news; – I still get to contribute to the mortgage, and I get an extra day a week to work on my writing.

One of those afore-mentioned end-of-year gatherings was the final SuperNOVA crit group meeting for 2011.  The venue was Sarah Endacott’s garden.  A birthday (Lucy Sussex’s) was celebrated.  One opening chapter to a novel (Ellen Gregory’s) was critiqued.  Chickens were at first admired, then admonished for pecking at toes and stealing food from hands.  Umbrellas were erected, captured as they attempted to fly off in the wind, and stowed away again.  Thanks to the idiosyncrasies of Melbourne’s weather and my unpreparedness for an outdoor get-together, I spent the entire meeting huddled within a borrowed cardigan and beneath a borrowed trucker cap.

And the proverbial good time was had by all.

My inexorable crawl towards fame and fortune (OK, towards fame, anyway) continues.  Dark Continents member Sylvia Shults told me that, when she was in the dealers’ room of a convention in the US last weekend, a fellow at the next table recognised my name on the cover of Ghosts Can Bleed.  And yesterday I got my first Amazon review from a complete stranger (the others have been from people who I have at least communicated with via Facebook or email), which I consider to be a something of a milestone.  Even better, a new opportunity to generate publicity has arisen from that reader.

I’ll keep you posted…


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