Six Sentence Sunday – Week Ten

Posted: October 30, 2011 in Six Sentence Sunday
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Last week’s celebrity six sentences came from Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood.  Now let me see…it’s a novel set in an imagined future, in which a mad scientist has used genetic engineering to bring about an end to the world as we know it.  Yep, sounds like science fiction to me.


Since the two reviewers featured in my previous blog post both seemed to take a shine to Trading Up, I thought I’d post an excerpt from that story.

Her death was peaceful.  After dinner Mamma drove around dimly lit streets until the girl fell asleep in the back seat.  Using a similar technique to the one she used to dispatch the cat many months ago, she asphyxiated her with noxious gases fed into the car from its own exhaust.  As my current body was already technically dead, I was able to sit safely next to the girl and take possession of her body at the precise moment of expiration.  I caught a glimpse of her soul as it rushed toward the afterlife with a speed only seen in the very old and the very young.  It was mostly coloured in the bright golden glow of joy, but with two distinct dark stripes of resignation and reproach.


Week 10’s celebrity six sentences come from an author whose pedigree makes him horror writing royalty (there’s a sad little pun to be found in that clue, you just have to dig for it).

In one instant, Craddock’s hands were gently cradling Georgia’s head.  In the next, his right arm had come up to point out and away from his body: Sieg Heil.  Around the dead man time had a way of skipping, a scratched DVD, the picture stuttering erratically from moment to moment, without any transitions in between.  The golden chain fell from his raised right hand.  The razor, shaped like a crescent moon, gleamed brilliantly at the end.  The edge of the blade was faintly iridescent, the way a rainbow slick of oil is on water.


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