Tis the season

Posted: October 29, 2011 in Shameless self-promotion
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Halloween will be upon us in a couple of days, and if Facebook is anything to go by, the horror writing community is going insane (well, more insane than they already are) with excitement.  Perhaps the impending International Holiday of Horror has something to do with the appearance on the Internet this week of two new reviews for Ghosts Can Bleed.  Both reviews have an Australian connection; Hellnotes reviewer Matthew Tait lives in Adelaide, South Australia and Scary Minds is a website dedicated to Australian and New Zealand horror movies and literature.

It always interests me how everyone who reads the collection has different favourites.  It’s a reminder of how subjective the appreciation of literature can be.  These two reviewers both mention Trading Up, Ghosts Can Bleed and Dreamcatcher as highlights of the collection, but plenty of other stories get a look in as well.

But you’ll be wanting to read the reviews and see for yourself, right? (At least, I hope you are…they’re not half bad.)  Here are the links:

Hellnotes – review by Matthew Tait.

Scary Minds




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