Six Sentence Sunday – Week Eight

Posted: October 16, 2011 in Six Sentence Sunday
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First, let me say – New Zealand vs. France Rugby Union World Cup Final next Sunday; remember the Rainbow Warrior.


Week seven’s celebrity six sentences came from Temeraire, by Naomi Novik.  What impressed me the most about this book was how quickly and effectively Novik establishes the reader’s empathy with the main characters, Captain William Laurence and Temeraire the dragon.  Laurence is a man of profound integrity and honour whose loyalty to King and country often clashes with his need to do the right thing by his dragon.  And Temeraire is a highly intelligent, fiercely loyal and innately moral creature whose innocent yet perceptive view of the world shines a light on the cruel, hypocritical and self-serving aspects of human culture and behaviour.


This week’s six sentences come from Fridge Wars, first published online in Untied Shoelaces of the Mind.  Usually I don’t like to listen to audio recordings of my stories, but UTOTM’s audio version of Fridge Wars read by Harriet Whitbread  is, in my opinion, far funnier than the written original.

Life is simple at first in Fridgeworld, but as the first cells divide and multiply, they quickly mutate to form more complex organisms.  The creatures in the vegetable drawer soon exhaust their food supply.  Some of them grow wings to carry them up into the higher reaches of their world, thus granting them a reprieve from extinction.  The microscopic monsters spawned by the jam have ferocious appetites, and develop needle-like appendages ideal for sucking the sugars from their prey.  The first sour milk-dwelling animal to sprout a flagellum is irresistively attractive to other milkfish, and soon they all bristle with whip-like limbs, navigating easily through their soupy sea.  The decomposing pizza is a treasure trove of nutrients, a magnet for browsers, scavengers and predators alike.

Before Stephenie Meyer and Charlaine Harris, there was this writer.  Despite their inability to get an erection – you can’t get it up if you don’t have a pulse, a fact that today’s writers of vampire porn conveniently ignore – her vampires are sexy and dangerous, amoral, cruel and compelling.

A dead giveaway (because no blog post referring to vampires is complete without a dreadful pun)

She gasped as I broke the flesh, the warm current coming into me, her breasts crushed against me, her body arching up, helpless, from the couch.  And I could see her eyes, even as I shut my own, see that taunting, provocative mouth.  I was drawing on her, hard, lifting her, and I could feel her weakening, her hands dropping limp at her sides.  “Tight, tight,” I whispered over the hot stream of her blood, her heart thundering in my ears, her blood swelling my satiated veins.  “The lamp,” I whispered, “look at it!”  Her heart was slowing, stopping, and her head dropped back from me on the velvet, her eyes dull to the point of death.


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