A Home for the Taniwha

Posted: October 3, 2011 in Shameless self-promotion
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After two rewrites and fourteen rejections, my short story The Touch of the Taniwha has found a home.  In January this year, I griped about one of those rejections; the rewrites addressed other issues with the story, but the taniwha stayed.  But just in case anyone wants to question my right to write about a creature from Maori mythology, I added three little words to my author bio: “of Maori descent”.

The Touch of the Taniwha will appear in the speculative fiction anthology Fish, to be published by Dagan Books and scheduled for release on 8 February 2012.  I only received the acceptance email last week, but already I’m impressed; they made their editorial decisions when they said they would, announced the Table of Contents in a timely fashion, and soon after acceptance they issued a detailed explanation of their process from now until publication.  In short, they are super-duper organized (and anyone who knows me well would know how much I love the super-duper organized…)

Dagan Books describe themselves as a “tiny press”, but if they continue in the manner in which they have started, they won’t stay that way for long.

Without further ado, here is the ToC:

Alexa, Camille “The Skin of Her Skin”
Bennardo, Matthew “The Fish-Wife’s Tale”
Blake, Polenth “Thwarting the Fiends”
Darrach, Shay “I Know a Secret”
Davis, Amanda C. “O How the Wet Folk Sing”
Dixon, Paul “One Let Go”
Duyvis, Corinne “The Applause of Others”
Englehardt, Megan “Anansi and the New Thing”
Fleming, Sam “What the Water Gave Her”
Fuller, Andrew “A Salmon Tale, 2072”
Fullerton, H.L. “The Fish Are There On Land”
Gardner, Cate “Too Delicate for Human Form”
George, Zachary “You, Fish”
Hendrix, Sarah “Never to Return”
Kane, Tim “Vanity Mirror”
Kneeland, Andrea “Becoming Human”
Kwak, Jessie “Needlepoint Fish of Azure City”
L’Orange, April “Quick Karma”
Lalumière, Claude “Xandra’s Brine”
Liu, Ken “How Do You Know If a Fish Is Happy?”
McBride, Tracie “The Touch of Taniwha”
McIntyre, T.J. “Did the Catfish Get a Flat Head?”
Nakayama, Timothy “Fallen Dragon”
Naquin, R.L. “Kisses In the Snow”
Obedoza, Mel “The Fisherman and Golden Fish”
Palmer, Suzanne “Laternfish In the Overworld”
Povey, Jennifer “Water Demons”
Rambo, Cat “The Fisher Queen”
Romasco-Moore, Maria “Fisheye”
Ruby, Jacob “The Talking Fish of Shangri-La”
Shvartsman, Alex “Life at the Lake’s Shore”
Spencer, Ariyana “Fish Tears”
Unger, Vivian “A Fish Tail”
Wood, Mjke “The Last Fisherman of Habitat 37”
Zup, Andreea “Maria and the Fish”

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