Six Sentence Sunday – Week Two

Posted: September 4, 2011 in Six Sentence Sunday
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In honour of Father’s Day, I’ve selected an excerpt from my flash fiction piece “Becoming”, about a father compelled to show a peculiar kind of tough love to his fearful daughter –

“Fifteen years old,” Papa muttered to himself, “and look at her.  All the others long since flown…how did I produce a child so weak?”  He crouched in front of Geena, suddenly looking weary beyond his years, and reached a hand out to her.  She smiled with relief.  He was going to relent and pull her up after all.

And then, one by one, he prized her fingers free.

 One of the suggestions I received last week was to post a six sentence excerpt from a published book, and see if readers can guess the book title and author (although, technically that would make this Twelve Sentence Sunday, which is nowhere near as catchy as Six Sentence Sunday).   Here’s another father-themed excerpt –

He would shave living cells from the palm of his right hand, mix them with the soup, and expose the soup to cosmic rays.  The cells turned into babies which looked exactly like Delmore Skag.

Pretty soon, Delmore was having several babies a day, and inviting his neighbors to share his pride and happiness.  He had mass baptisms of as many as a hundred babies at a time.  He became famous as a family man.

And so on.

 This is a tricky one.   The author died in 2007.  Wikipedia describes his works as “blending satire, gallows humor, and science fiction”.  It’s from one of my all-time favourite books, but often gets overlooked whenever I’m called upon to list my influences.   The novel from which this excerpt was taken was first published in 1973.  The title of the novel came from an advertising slogan for a brand of cereal.

Give up yet?


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