Being the Addams Family

Posted: June 5, 2011 in McBride family madness
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Six reasons why we could be the Addams family –

Best friends Battikins and Baby Cthulhu

  1. Seven year old Alia snuggles up every night with a stuffed toy Cthulhu (for six year old Zoe, it’s a stuffed toy bat).
  2.  A popular topic at the dinner table is How To Best Survive the Zombie Apocalypse.  Of great concern is what would be an appropriate choice of weapon for small girls.  Something light weight and easy to handle, yet effective in dispatching the walking dead…
  3. With literal violence against their siblings expressly forbidden, the children amuse themselves in the back seat of the car by coming up with the most ludicrously violent verbs and phrases they can think of.  “Slap.  Punch.   Kick.  Poke eye.  Cut out tongue.  Set on fire. “   Bonus points for making the other players laugh, double points if it’s accompanied by a suitable sound effect.
  4. Solar powered Jack from "The Nightmare Before Christmas"

    Merry Christmas, Dad!

    One year, Alia chose a solar powered “Nightmare Before Christmas” Bobble Head Jack for her father for Christmas.  She hadn’t seen the movie, she just thought it looked nice.

  5. My slippers have a skull and crossbones on them.  A girly skull and crossbones, though, so that’s normal, right?
  6. We celebrated our wedding anniversary last year by watching “Zombieland”.  It was so romantic…
  1. Byron says:

    I love the popular topic (no.2 on your list) reminded me straight away the girl out of KickAss the movie, i think her name was HITGIRL the daughter of BIG DADDY the little girl who is an awesome killer. People should train the daughters like big daddy, to kill zombies hit girl style.

    Awesome slippers, by the way.

    Maybe next year for your anniversary you might watch the very funny “Lesbian Vampire Killers”.

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