Dark Continents Publishing Part III

Posted: April 26, 2011 in Uncategorized
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But what, I hear you say, if I don’t particularly like horror?  Then allow us to introduce you to the genre ever so gently…

Price of Admission and The Taming of the Werewolf by Sylvia Shults

You may have heard of such a literary dish as the cross-genre novel.  Consider Price of Admission to be an advance on that concept, the multi-genre novel.  At its heart, this is a love story.  The love shines through both in the bond Price of Admissionbetween the two main characters, and in the obvious affection Shults has for her characters and her craft.  The plot features strong science fiction elements with its time travel theme.  It also features large dollops of historical fiction, a dash of fantasy, and yes, a pinch or two of horror.  It even includes a couple of smoking hot scenes of erotica.

The Taming of the Werewolf is, in a nutshell, a literary mash-up.  If you enjoyed Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, you’ll love this.  Once again it sees Shults blurring the lines between genres with her endearing blend of those horror staples, werewolves, and  Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew.  When you see what she has done with the two, you’ll wonder why Shakespeare didn’t just write it like that to start with.

Pray and Before Sunrise by John Prescott

When I heard that Pray featured vampires in the Vatican, I must admit that it led me to approach the novel with trepidation.  Would this novel cause Dark Continents Publishing to be boycotted and reviled by Christians across USA’s Bible Belt and beyond?

PrayIn a word – no.  Pray comes from a place of deep and abiding faith.  This is one man’s imagining of the End of Days, inspired by arguably the greatest book of all, the Bible.  And that imagining is divine craziness.  Werewolves and zombies, angels and Nephilim, Bibles and explosives, madmen and the Antichrist – it’s like Prescott took  all these elements and shook ‘em all up good.  Despite being  the longest novel currently in the Dark Continents  stable, the story hurtles along at breakneck speed.  Don’t expect to come up for air too often.

Before Sunrise offers another choice for aficionados of single author short story collections.  Unlike  in Pray, Prescott favours a slow build-up of tension within these pages.   And what else might you expect from this collection?  It’s easier to tell you what not to expect.  Don’t expect many familiar monsters – the creatures in Prescott’s tales are straight out of his undoubtedly vivid nightmares.  Don’t expect to find shelter in the places you would usually expect it.  Don’t expect the good guys to win all the time.  And don’t expect the people you love and trust to always be what they seem.


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