“Roll The Bones” is now available for purchase in print, with e-book options coming soon.  It contains two reprinted stories of mine – “Rush Hour”, originally published in Big Pulp, and “On The Border”, which is available as an audio download from Sniplits. Here’s what the publishers have to say about “Roll The Bones”:

Attention! Old school stalwarts, sword and sorcery diehards, weird
fantasy aficionados of every stripe – Roll the Bones is here!
At long last Fight On! thunders down upon the sleepy world of
fantasy fiction with 22 thoroughly thrilling tales of harrowing scope.
Within these weird enclaves and black pits, you will find dark tombs,
dragons, faeries, lepers, ostriches, Cerberus, Bush Nazis, love,
vengeance, apotheosis, ignoble death, priceless golden hoards, and
much, much more!

Edited by Ignatius Umlaut and Del Beaudry, with a glorious wraparound
color cover and sixteen interior b&w illustrations by Mark Allen,
Roll the Bones features stories by Donald Jacob Uitvlugt,
Michael D. Turner, Duncan Sandiland, Alicia Rieske, Tracie McBride,
Andrew Knighton, Kristen Lee Knapp, Aaron Kesher, Robert E. Keller,
Eric Juneau, A.H. Jennings, John Hitchens, Lance Hawvermale, Julie
Frost, Mark Finnemore, James Dorr, Raven Daegmorgan, Melissa Cuevas,
and Del Beaudry. Fantasy fan or gamer, old timer or fresh recruit,
whether your tastes run to scintillating sword play, gruesome horror,
eerie magic or pulse-pounding pulp action, Roll the Bones is
the book for you!

You can purchase Roll the Bones directly from Amazon Createspace.
Or, if you prefer, you can find it on amazon.com or on lulu.com.

Fight on!

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