All Donations Gratefully Received

Posted: January 9, 2011 in WHC 2011
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Dark Continents Publishing will be holding their official launch party at the World Horror Convention in Austin, Texas in April this year.  There will be refreshments.  There will be free gifts.  There will be a Major Prize.  All our books will be available for sale, and all the founding members of the co-operative will be in attendance.

Except for me.

My darling, love-of-my-life husband has given me the green light to go, in theory at least.  First, we have to find out whether or not he can get the time off work at that time of the year to look after the kids. And then there’s the money.  By the time we add up airfares, accommodation, food, convention registration and miscellaneous travel expenses, we wouldn’t get change out of $2,500.

Cue the guilt.  I’m a white middle class suburban mother of three, so I’m practically made of guilt already, but I could do without the extra huge rations that would come with spending that amount of money on myself.  Think of all the other things we could pay for with that – two years of council rates, or five years of car maintenance, or half a set of orthodontic braces should any of  the children require them.

Can I come up with the funds myself without having to dip into the family coffers?  Let me see… there’s that little lottery win I had on New Year’s Eve, and a one-off editing job, and several forthcoming publication credits for which I have yet to receive payment… yeah, I think I can just about cover a few days in a cheap hotel.

Only another $2000 to account for.  Excuse me while I go check down the back of the couch and look for things to sell on eBay.


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