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Posted: December 29, 2010 in Shameless self-promotion
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The inaugural print of issue of Big Pulp, containing my short story “Life In Miniature”, is available now for purchase .

Big Pulp is an online magazine that publishes short genre fiction of all stripes.  Horror, sci fi, fantasy, mystery, adventure and romance are its main staples, but as they say on their website, their definition of genre fiction is very broad, broad enough to include literary fiction and experimental poetry.

They also have this to say –

Our ideal is the newstand of the Golden Age of pulp and popular fiction, where lucky readers could find literally dozens of magazines catering to all manner of interests and tastes. Instead of publishing only one kind of story, we hope to recreate the feel of those fantastic newstands, where science fiction stood shoulder to shoulder with jungle adventure, and romance vied with true crime for the hearts of readers.

I first became aware of Big Pulp when it published my story “Rush Hour” in 2008.  “Rush Hour” straddled several genres (none of them literary, unless you count the obvious references to Dante’s Levels of Hell).  It was a little bit horror, a little bit comedy, and a little bit of a shaggy dog story.  A reprint of “Rush Hour” will be out soon in another publication (more about that later).

But what about “Life In Miniature”?  Many years ago I read a piece of flash fiction online.  I don’t remember the site or the author, but the concept scared the bejeesus out of me.  The story was about bonsai ‘trees’ crafted from living humans, their bodies bent and twisted into agonizing shapes by the bonsai master’s art, and it tapped into one of my deepest fears.  “Life In Miniature” is my take on the idea.


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