The Spectrum Collection

Posted: December 27, 2010 in Shameless self-promotion
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A Dark Continents sampler

Hands up who got an e-book reader for Christmas?

Then can I suggest you go digging down the back of the couch for some spare change, because for US$2.99 you can purchase The Spectrum Collection, a collection of dark speculative short stories and poems from the members of Dark Continents.

We put this collection together to offer readers a sampler of what to expect from us in April 2011 when Dark Continents will officially launch at the World Horror Convention. Familiar horror tropes are amply represented – ghosts and vampires, cannibals and murders, zombies and apocalypse survivors all make an appearance in Spectrum.  You’ll also find the odd piece that is less easily classifiable (carnivorous goats, anyone?).   If you like your short fiction dark and bloody, this collection is for you.

Bibliophiles and techno-tards are not left out.  The paperback version of the collection is available from the Dark Continents website for US$8 plus shipping.


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