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Our Staffordshire Bull Terrier PuppyIssue 2 of Dark Moon Digest is available for purchase.  It contains a reprint of my story “Barking”, first published in the now defunct e-zine DAIKAIJUZINE.

The story is one of my earliest, written as part of my course work for my Diploma of Creative Writing.  The brief was to write “a story within a story”.  I’m fond of the piece, for two reasons –

a) It’s one of the first times I drew on personal experience and twisted it beyond recognition to produce a piece of fiction (yes, somebody did once pull that trick on me in the pub, and no, he was neither a pharmaceutical sales rep nor did I sleep with him).

b) It’s also one of the few times I have practiced what Holly Lisle calls “Mugging the Muse”.  I was pregnant and/or breastfeeding during the entire three years it took to complete my diploma.  I also worked nights and weekends.  I was in a constant state of sleep deprivation.  But I had a deadline to meet.  I sat down one night, gritted my teeth and wrote until 1 a.m. until I had a complete first draft.

Astute followers of my blog might have noticed that I’m an associate editor for Dark Moon Digest.  Just in case you’re wondering if there was any favouritism involved in selecting this story for publication… there wasn’t.  DMD has a blind submissions process, which means that any associate editor may submit material for consideration and it will go through the same selection process as any other writer.

And in other news… I promised myself when I started this blog that it would be all about The Writing, and not about my personal life.  Turns out I lied to myself.  Yesterday we picked up an early Christmas present to the kids, an eight week old male English Staffordshire Bull Terrier pup.  That’s him on the right (I read somewhere that pictures of semi-naked women guarantee higher traffic to one’s blog.  I’m going with the next best thing, puppy pictures).

There is at least a tangential connection to both the title of the post and to the writing process.  We narrowed the lengthy list of potential puppy names down to three choices – Cooch, Einstein and Hermes.  We voted.  Twice.  Using the preferential voting system, in case you’re interested.  And Hermes won out.   I knew before we voted that Hermes is the messenger to the Greek Gods,  but I didn’t discover until after we had decided on the name that he is also the Greek God of Lots of Things – sports and athletes, thieves and liars, cowherds and border crossings, to name a few.  Most significant to me is that he is the God of literature and poets.

Welcome to the family, Hermes.  Here’s hoping you can help me hunt down that Muse.

  1. gorem says:

    watzs up tracie

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