Happy birthday, Hadley Rille!

Posted: October 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

Hadley Rille Books have turned five years old.  To celebrate, they are giving away a free Kindle 3G.  No purchase is necessary, simply click on the link on their home page and follow the instructions to go into the draw.

And while you’re there, you could have a look around the site, maybe order a book or two…?  ‘Cos they have set themselves a birthday challenge to sell 5000 books between now and 31 December, and they have some enticing specials to help achieve that goal.  In particular, check out Australian writer Jenny Blackford’s “The Priestess and the Slave”, and (wait for it…) the  “Barren Worlds” anthology, which contains my short story “After The Storm” (you didn’t think I’d get through an entire blog post without some form of shameless self-promotion, did you?).

At the moment, we Antipodeans have to order from the US site, but stay tuned, because Eric Reynolds tells me his distributor is setting up a facility in Australia.


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