Posted: September 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

There was some talk at Worldcon last weekend about a reputation economy.  I think they may have been talking about this. says it is “where starving artists come to earn”.   Writers can post their short stories and novel excerpts for free on PatronQuo with the hope that the quality of their work will attract the attention of a ‘Patron’.

You don’t have to put up any money to contribute to the process.  Readers are assigned random match-ups, where they are invited to read two stories and vote on which one they prefer.  The idea is that the better works will eventually float to the top.

It’s an interesting concept.  My only criticism of the site so far is that there seems to be a lot of stories on here that aren’t ready to be showcased to the world.  Many works are in need of a savage editing, and a few just need to be put out of their misery.  If readers are subjected to too many stinkers, it might put them off revisiting the site.

Just sayin’.

I still recommend a visit to PatronQuo.  In particular, I recommend that my fellow writer friends post a few pieces there; so far, two of my stories have attracted patronage, enough to treat this starving artist to a fortnight’s worth of chocolate fixes.

  1. Karen Gidall says:

    Love your style Tracie – great way to promote – Im very proud of you

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