The Word of the Day

Posted: September 10, 2010 in Uncategorized

My Word of the Day is techno-tard.  As in, I am a techno-tard.  As in, I’ve been told that WordPress is obscenely easy to use – except if you’re a techno-tard.

Expect me to have come to grips with it by the end of the weekend.  Or to have died trying.  Or to have located a charitable organization whose sole purpose is to support and assist techno-tards.

  1. Tony G says:

    Hey Tracie, great to see you started this blog, BUT it has been two weeks since you kept us up to date…………. Hope to see more good stuff from you soon, see you in January.
    Tony G

  2. Karen Gidall says:

    I can so relate to that – been so trying to get in to the techno-tard field and nothing annoys me more than being told it’s easy and I just cant understand!!

  3. macdibble says:

    S’looking great so far, techno-tard. 😉

  4. John Irvine says:

    Well done, Tracie! I really like the background…

    Cheers, John

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